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  • Success Stories

  • "Emily, You have done much to ease the pain the prosecutor sought to inflict, to ease the pain of your client, and you have taken on the pain of the sin eater who willingly experiences being accused in the hope of easing the pain of others. I am proud of you."

    "Emily - It's people like you who make people like me feel protected from the hands of the government. You make the prosecutors work. no Mulligans. No Gimme's. No free lunches. Thank you."

    "Emily has the gift of being able to tune in to the sensitivity of others in a hostile environment. Her client was lucky to have her defending him. Wonderful job!"

    "I have had the pleasure of seeing Emily Detoto work her magic in the courtroom first hand. She is truly one of the best at what she does. She invests so much of herself in all of her cases, she takes the time to get all the facts, and uses them to seek justice for her clients.Emily is hardworking , and strives for the best always. I have seen her give a family their life back, when they had no hope for a positive outcome she never stopped pursuing the truth, and in the end she prevailed. She is simply the best!"